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Aplicación SwimUp – Plan de entrenamiento personalizado para ti: App Store: Google Play: swimup.application&pli=1 Sitio web: ¡Descargue la aplicación y comparta su experiencia con la aplicación en los comentarios! 🙂 El estilo libre es el estilo de natación más popular y todos los nadadores, desde principiantes hasta profesionales, tienen como objetivo nadar estilo libre con la mejor técnica posible. En nuestro canal SWIMMATE, aprenderemos lo correcto para el estilo libre, comenzando con la descripción general básica del estilo libre. Música: Nicolai Heidlas Music Música de fondo motivacional – «Chase Your Dreams»

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  1. C S

    The stroke is front crawl, not freestyle. Freestyle is an event, not a stroke

  2. tdr tdr

    Sir I did not understand grabbing water with elbows. Can you please elaborate more

  3. Daniel Cercas Garcia

    Thank you my friend Lomtev for the advices about to do breathing helps me so much greetings from Mexico

  4. Daniel Cercas Garcia

    Thank you everyone who's has been done swim up videos, because helps me to improve my technique, greetings and thanks to. Friend Lomotev

  5. abou abraheem

    Thank you so much for this an awesome video and agreat channel …….my question is what is the best rethm…… for breathing every third or five stroke such as Im abigener at free style and my goal to swim for long distances

  6. Rick Martin

    notice the swimmer's hands? as if he's putting up a stop when they're extended outwards —-adds to resistance. Surprised to see such a good swimmer doing it. And during the relaxed phase of the arm stroke, it looks tense and not relaxed. nice summary though

  7. Park Hoon

    Why do my legs keep falling and won't stay on the surface? do I need to strengthen my kicks?

  8. Siddiqui Suhel

    I am trying to do so, but going to fail in breathing sir, guide me please

  9. fips001

    how would I look for obstacles from time to time in an optimal way? For the pool example that would be the approaching wall. How do you know it is approaching when facing down? But in my case it would be other people and boats while swimming in the ocean. My swimming feels disrupted because I am checking my surrounding quite often to not bump into other people.

  10. Adam Ding

    It seems this swimmer is not very symmetric. His right (stronger) arm sculls in a straight line, while his left (weaker) arm sculls in a S-shape line. On 5:15, his left hand is a little far away from the middle line and then pulls inwards to near the middle line.
    Around 1:30, his left arm pull looks like a two-phase action, not as continuous as his right arm. It slows down (or even stops briefly) by the end of the catch, and then pushes backwards.

  11. Anas Sarhan

    I am missing swimming so much in this lock-down

  12. joe quillun

    The swimmer makes it look "so" easy. Extremely skilled. I like the fact you allowed us to view his technique completely, for all that time. Plus the underwater camera shots are invaluable too. Thank you.

  13. Paula Ragoopath

    THE best tutorial on freestyle techniques…. very detailed and technical, yet VERY well explained and easy to understand. Well done!

  14. Canan Sahin Kandemir

    Very good tutorial!
    Do you inhale air with every arm stroke or every 2 strokes ?
    Thank you in advance

  15. hussain Ahmad

    how do i keep my legs close to surface

  16. Dũng Isaac

    thanks you bro, it's very helpful for me. I have a question, please reply me. Few days ago, I attempted one arm drill for breathing and this is what happened: my body straight , my head look forward, my arm straight, my body rotate enough but my legs is not often on the surface much although I straight my leg and knees slightly bent, is that normal?And when I put the other arm up the surface, my body start sink, is that normal too? why my body sink when I put arm on the sky?

  17. Ramandeep Kaur

    How i can improve my swimming speed more like 100m in 2 mints

  18. A Amulya P

    Why do I need to return my head first before the arm returns to the water after the stroke?

  19. Aparajita dhibar

    Got a problem .. whenever I want toh breath during freestyle water comes into my mouth and I stopped swimming there.. how it's gonna be perfect?

  20. chris lee

    If you have no good kick
    and no strength in your waist, you can't finish the beautiful strokes like this video. There is no shortcut to freestyle!

  21. Sunil Wanve

    I don't understand high elbow please can you explain it in slow motion

  22. VOLTE7274 VOLTE7274

    how to make practice related stroke at outside the pool to understand technique well.Thanks.

  23. Adrian Burton

    Outstanding video I have enjoyed your series of videos on freestyle 😀do you have any videos on drills you can do to help you breathing? If you don't could you please do one😁

  24. Parthiv Shah

    I struggle to keep my left hand straight on the surface of the water especially when I take a breath. While taking a breath my left hand including shoulder tends to go down under water which lands up giving me an ache on my left hand shoulder. How can I improve? Thanks

  25. Open_Water

    I’d like to ask, does the pull phase feel hard, easy or somewhere in between? Thanks.

  26. Thao Bui

    Thanks for your sharing video. I try to learn swim the freestyle better but i always meet problem when i breath. I dont know breath out or in when i put the head above water

  27. Alex Vukovic

    is the number of kicks is always 6? even for a 50m swimmer (3kicks-1strokes) and always synchronized (left arm – right leg/right arm – left leg). btw good job, I like your videos 🙂

  28. V姐

    This tutorial helps a lot for me,I don’t understand others but I understand yours,great job!

  29. batlin

    I thought the elbow should lead the exit of your arm when it starts recovery, but you say the arm should be straight at that point?

  30. Sempak Keramat

    Please freestyle technique for long distance. .thx

  31. Fouad BOUFOUCHK

    Awsome video and great a swimmer. There's just one thing I wanted to mention. I think the swimmer tends to elevate his fingertips up at the end of the reach phase. That will generate more drag. I hope he gets aware of it. I liked the video and the swimmer and I wish I could swim like he does.

  32. steve thompson

    The swimmer is doing a good job rotating the body on every stroke. He is also rotating the body to breathe–not just turning his head.

  33. Sayantan Dutta

    Many videos on freestyle swimming say to increase speed the and before pulling the water should be 15-30° from the body into the water is it a correct way?


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