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TUTORIAL NATACIÓN FREESTYLE – ¿Quieres aprender a nadar estilo libre sin problemas? Recuerda estos 5 consejos más importantes para una perfecta natación estilo libre. En este video te mostraré brevemente los 5 elementos más importantes de la natación estilo libre. Siguiéndolos, nadar será suave y fácil, por lo que podrá nadar largas distancias a alta velocidad y no cansarse. En primer lugar, te enseñaré a respirar mientras nadas. Una vez que obtenga el ritmo de respiración correcto, nadar ya no será difícil para usted. Recuerde exhalar el aire en el agua mientras nada e inhalar inmediatamente después de girar la cabeza hacia un lado. Luego, aprenderá a patear en la natación. Muchos nadadores cometen un error cuando patean demasiado fuerte. Esto hace que se cansen rápidamente. Entonces necesitas aprender a patear tranquilamente con el ritmo correcto. Esto le ahorrará energía para nadar. Además, descubrirá cómo realizar una brazada de estilo libre con la trayectoria correcta. Las brazadas nos dan el máximo de nuestra velocidad, por eso es importante realizarlas correctamente. Finalmente, te mostraré cómo hacer que tu natación de estilo libre sea súper suave. Necesitas disminuir la resistencia del agua y al mismo tiempo usar tu velocidad para deslizarte. Esto te ayudará a obtener la mayor velocidad de nado posible. Estos consejos y trucos de natación son únicos y te ayudarán mucho en la natación. 0:00 Cómo girar la cabeza para inhalar 0:49 Cómo exhalar mientras nadas 1:35 Realizar patadas de natación correctas 2:40 La trayectoria de brazada de estilo libre más eficiente 3:59 Cómo nadar sin problemas https://www. youtube.com/watch?v=xmEzL1UX38s

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  1. neon_quest

    Thank you so much for your videos! I know how to swim but my technique not good and I get tired easily. I recently joined the pool again and I didn't know how to improve. I will practice your exercises carefully. My goal is to swim comfortably and with good technique so I don't get injured over time 🙂

  2. JB

    Very nicely explained 👍

  3. Tgun

    Great explanation 😊

  4. 도깨비

    말은 못 알아 듣지만 영상으로 충분히 이해가 갑니다. 많은 도움이 되었습니다.

  5. Spørts and entertainment

    I feel like some quantity of water also enters into your mouth while inhaling…….

  6. saliha bordji

    Exellente vidéo merci beaucoup pour autant d'explications 👍👍👍

  7. imzi

    Thanks for sharing easy to follow tutorials.

  8. Srinivas

    Thank you for the video
    I used to kick as if some crocodile 🐊 is following me and used to gasp for air only after 25 meters. I have to try this kicking now.

  9. Jan tran

    watching many many times on this video ! !👍

  10. Piti Wongboonyakul

    i got a wrong position that I can't correct. Please help me!!
    my left arm drops (or try to push back too early) when I breath in right side.
    my left arm tries to push back because I need the forward force. I just can't keep my mouth over water when my right arm is still in the air and trying to reach the front position.

    I think my other positions are quite ok, only this mistake from my early self-training that locked into my muscle memory. I tried hard to correct it without success.

  11. Deetox

    Finally!!!! I think I found a channel that breaks down swimming down so well to be understood so clearly. Thank u. I can swim a bit but my techniques aren't polished at all and I can swim only half a breadth. Still working on my breathing and arm stroke.
    This channel is going to b so helpful for me i am sure bcz I have taught myself so far only through videos.
    So glad I landed on this channel today.

  12. Baldemar Garza

    When you are going to do more videos. God Bless

  13. ART

    Good work with camera .

  14. meral yilmaz

    this is such a nice info. I have been doing all this years wrong. thank you very much

  15. Brian Doe

    Hi… I was born with a club foot which was operated upon. So I have zero mobility in one ankle of mine which is stuck in a 90degree position. It atrophied my calf.

    So that leaves me with one normal leg and one very weak leg which I can't bring to pointy-toe position because I can't move my ankle.

    This non-symmetry leaves me with a skewed kick which takes me all around the place. I have no balance.

    This leaves my feet sinking, and my lack of balance makes it extremely difficult to learn how to breathe in the freestyle position.

    Can anyone please help? I'm supposed to swim daily to help relax my scoliosis affected spine. Yeah. I'm fked 😅

  16. Nick Page

    Thank u yes remind me how to swim

  17. Miguel Martínez

    I fully share the priest's comment. Thank you very much. I learn from you

  18. Miguel Martínez

    I thank you just like Fatima, for many it would be important to receive your explanations in Spanish to learn from you. Again very grateful for all your videos

  19. Miguel Martínez

    I do not speak English, it is very important to explain the classes in Spanish to learn the correct technique. They are perfect explanations. Thank you very much

  20. Four Marta

    Your videos and advises helped me out so much, keep it up with those awesome videos and the great work! Have a lovely day everyone and go for a swim))

  21. ally

    Where are you?

  22. Anni Tetteh owosu

    When i swim i dont know how to bereathe when im chest swimming

  23. Anni Tetteh owosu

    Hi i'm 8 year old and I have difficulties whit breathing when i swim and I go in swimming

  24. የኛ tube

    Who else feels the wrong swimming looks smooth men 🤣😂

  25. Hendra wan

    How about float properly?

  26. Claes Weicher

    The amount kicks look like it's equal to the amount of strokes done with the arms. Need to try this out

  27. Leff Jin

    Just discovered this channel….it's awesome! My 10 year old wants to be a competitive swimmer…so this channel will be a great starting point. Thanks!!!!

  28. Atiè Lbz

    So useful! Thank you so much .from italy

  29. Mai Nguyen

    Thanks for your videos
    Love it 😊

  30. Eric Santoyo

    Thank you very much for this priceless information.


    You are the best coach ever. I fallow all your indications to the point that when I hired my private coach, he told me I will be with perfect technic in one month.

    I need to better my high elbow technic. Would be great if you can do a video just about this.
    Thank you so much!!!

  32. jomcvey

    Your instructions are very helpful. Thanks for posting. I have been swimming my whole life and was even on the swim team in high school. But I was always held back because of my breathing. I try to exhale in the water but always end up exhaling and inhaling when I turn my head to breathe. It doesn’t feel right or as though I’m getting a real breathe if I exhale in water only. Will this get easier with practice?
    Your other tips Are great and very helpful. It’s like having my own swim coach.

  33. apc067

    Great video – thanks! So I gather that the dry-land demo at 4:35 is showing the WRONG behavior – is this correct? (If it is, please add a "Wrong" label there for clarity.)


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